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Can You Trust Another Structural Steel Fabricator with Your Project?

Learn the 3 crucial factors you must consider when choosing a structural steel fabricator, if your project is going to stay on budget, fulfill your quality requirements and finish on time!


1 You Need A Structural Steel Fabricator?

That Has Design-Build Capabilities. One of the greatest savings in overall cost and time on a project is for the steel fabricator to be involved with the initial design. Qualified fabricator is fully capable of working directly with General Contractors, Engineers, and Owners to Value Engineer any steel needs they may have. Working as a Design-Build Team we can help keep the budgets low and the schedules moving forward. Working with the right steel fabricator on the front-end will lead to savings in time and cost and the initial determination of a realistic budget. It is critical to choose the right fabricator-partner — a steel fabricator

2 You Need a Structural Steel Fabricator with Attentive Project

Early involvement in construction projects is a key to our continued success and a cornerstone in our client relationships. As a structural steel Fabrication Company committed to quality workmanship and client satisfaction, early involvement allows us to influence the overall success of the project for the client. We incorporate Value Engineering opportunities and help to keep the construction schedule moving in the right direction. Qualified fabricator can meet with you anytime and anywhere to discuss what your fabrication needs are. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you on many successful projects.

3 Your Project’s Structural Steel Fabricator Must Be Able to Keep to a Schedule.

As a General Contractor, you have a schedule to keep. You already know how costly delays can be. Therefore, while low up-front bids may be designed to win your business, they could very well cost you more in the long run if they cannot perform in a timely manner. It only takes one trade to cause the entire project to be thrown off schedule and all the other trades having to make up the lost time. We know how time sensitive your schedule is and our goal is to provide a quality product in a timely manner and strive to beat deadlines.

Being involved in your project from the very beginning, as a member of your Design-Build Team, can only save time and expenses in the long run. Qualified fabricator has an outstanding reputation for being a part of the solution when challenges arise, whether working with the General Contractor or other trades. Whatever your expectations are of us, we expect to exceed them. Our work is not complete until all of our customers’ needs and requirements are met to their complete satisfaction, which is what you expect and deserve.

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Client Testimonials
"Steel Detailing India worked diligently to meet our deadlines and was accommodating to make sure the quality of work met our standards."
- Laynne Flores

"Great drafting services at a great price. Templates saved weeks of effort and pointed us in the right direction. Definitely recommend to anyone."
- Robert

"In the design build business, time is always of essence and Steel Detailing India has consistently shown that we can count on your company when schedule is critical. In addition you have proved that customer focus and satisfaction is a priority and we will continue to use your service on future projects."
- Ken Guerra

"We have been using Steel Detailing India since November 2007 and have been very satisfied with the quality and speed of their services. On the first project we used Steel Detailing India, we reduced our outsourced CAD expenses from $30,000 to $10,000 and shortened our timeline by two weeks. Project Management was impressed. I gladly recommend Steel Detailing India to those who benefit from outsourcing CAD drafting."
- Martin White

"Once again you guys made me shine. You're the best. My clients are loving this service. You guys are doing great work!"
- Rick Smith