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Steel Connection Detailing Services | Structural Steel Connections

We are specialize in steel connection detailing and steelwork connection detailing drawings.

Steel Connection Detailing | Structural Steel Connections

We are export high quality steel detailing services

Steel Connection Detailing Services | Structural Steel Connection Design

Steel Detailing India is an India base steel detailing firms that specialize steel details services, steel connection detailing and steelwork connection detailing drawings. Our steel detailers have consenters in more accuracy for various types of steel Connection drawings for steel building, bridges and other steel structures.

Steel Detailing India delivering complete satisfaction of the customers, our company has acquired a large base of clientele since 2007.

Among the wide arrays of Steel Connection Design and Steel Connection Detailing types, we specialize in the following segments:

  • Moment connections
  • Shear connections
  • Truss connections for hollow sections
  • Base plate connections
  • Steel Beam-Beam Connections
  • Steel Beam-Column Connections
  • Steel Column-Column Connections
  • Structural Analysis Designs as per ASD, LRFD and IS Standards
  • Steel Column-Column Connections
  • Complex Truss Connections
  • Special connections per project requirement.
  • Detailed Calculations along with Complete Report (Will also include every supporting Table, Connection Sketches, Mapping and Calculation Reports).
  • Field Details
  • Stair and railing design (Engineering and stamped calculations for connections)
  • Moment, Axial, Bracing (Horizontal and vertical) and other lateral connections
  • Framing Plans
  • Column Splice Designs Services
  • Technical drawings for structures
  • Felt calculation and field placement
  • Material take-offs and BoM
  • Connection Design for Steel Framing & Bracing
  • Seismic Design for Connections
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Retrofit and Modification to Existing Connections

Benefits for the same are:

  • We offer up to 40% discounts on our general rate for the required services, based on duration of association, volume of work and turnaround time.
  • You will have dedicated person/persons working exclusively for you, so we will be able to deliver the completed work faster than in normal course.
  • As you will have person/persons working on all of your projects, the learning level will be very high and learning from one project will be carried forward to the next project. This will again give you much higher expertise in your work and will take lesser time in understanding your requirements.

Our Core Experience in Connection Design

  • Commercial & Residential Buildings.
  • Architectural Buildings.
  • Industrial (Power, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Energy, Support Structures, Process Building
  • Structural Renovations
  • Miscellaneous
  • Industrial Structures Revamping

Other Services

  • Stair & Railing Design – Pan, Stringer,Header, Base, Columns, Hangers, Handrails and Connections.
  • Shop Drawing Review – Shop drawing review verifying the implementation of the connection design.
  • Structural Steel Detailing Service
  • Miscellaneous steel Detailing
  • Stair and Handrail Detailing
  • Industrial Structures Design and Detailing

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